A downloadable game for Windows

Your sister's honor has been besmirched, destroy all the buildings in the way of Big Al so he can smash those responsible with his big stick.

Mouse / Gamepad Right Stick: Control Camera
WASD / Gamepad Left Stick: Move
Mouse + Hold Left Click / Hold Right Trigger + Gamepad Right Stick: Move Crane Arm to swing the wrecking ball.

*Public Domain music compiled by Kazoomzoom in Frog Legs: Ragtime Era Favorites

Install instructions

Unzip and run executable.


SuccubiinHats_ImGonnaSmashYouWithMyFace.zip 134 MB


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Played and enjoyed your game, though I did get 3 copyright strikes on the music included in the game :(

The music is public domain and taken from valid sources. Youtube is matching to other people's performances of the same pieces. On my gameplay video I had challenge the strikes and all but one backed out of the claim.

That's my result as well. Still 1 strike.

Very cool! The xbox360 controls are a mess to me though.. turning and up/down on same stick plus up/down being reversed messes up my head.

Don't worry, I will be uploading updates that fix the physics problems with the wrecking ball.

Awesome! It's a great game either way, but I look forward to the update!

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Loved this game so much I made a video. Thanks for developing it!

Hello! I wonder how to contact you by email or maybe on FaceBook?