A downloadable game for Windows

Race across tropical island to reach the goal before the sun sets. Master land windsurfing and ride with the wind.

Base on http://famicase.com/17/softs/129.html

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable


SailStar.zip 287 MB


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I loved the relaxing (one with nature) experience of this game. Coming from a windsurfing as a sport background, this felt very close to the real thing mechanically. The artwork is spot on too (retro 70's as seen on surfboard designs of that era). 

Thank you for reviving my interest in wind sports with this and well done on a flawless execution from a game/experience design perspective. 

I managed to get to the end point before the sun set too. Awesome!

Thank you. I used to windsurf growing up, my parents had a couple of boards so I am familiar with how the wind feels on the sail. Originally I had the player control the sail's orientation and the board but it was cumbersome. I switched it over to the character automatically aligns himself with the wind  and let the game feel more chill and arcadey.

For sail/wind calculations I used simplified lift/drag equations for a sail, anything more complex felt like it took away from the experience and brought up questions like "why am I not moving right now" or "why am I not moving any faster".